Sunday, 13 October 2013

Studio Time

Coat - Topshop / Leggings - Miss Selfridge / Top - H&M / Hat - H&M / Shoes - Valentino Red 
Ring - Vivienne Westwood / Lipstick - Kate Moss

 Coat - H&M / Shoes - Christian Louboutin / Top - H&M / Lipstick - Kate Moss (matte)

So, last Wednesday was Student Lockin night in Brighton, i.e. discounts off a number of stores, so students come and spend all your loans. Therefore with new stuff to flaunt, Bethany and I decided to book an afternoon in the white studio at Uni and take some Oufit Of The Day pictures for one another, whilst getting to grips with lighting and our cameras a little more.

Although, I have been in the studio before, as well as having my own mini lighting set at home, it was great to have a play around without anyone dictating to us the rights and wrongs. We had a great couple of hours and at the end an incident that left us nearly literally weeing ourselves with laughter. Ah good times. I hardly edited these images after the shoot, therefore I feel pretty proud of how the lighting and everything turned out. I am eager to get back in the studio though as I wanna get a bit more creative and maybe come up with my own concept and creation, getting more involved with styling and creative direction myself.

I LOVE Beth's new coat buys from Wednesday. THANK GOD she finally found herself a pink coat as she has been wanting one for ages now! It's great photographing Beth as she's not only photogenic, but she moves and poses making it an easy job for me to get some great shots. My OOTD images from our time in the studio which Beth took of me are on their way too. See Beth's blog here.

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